I just saw the most profound writing on fetlife just now and had the urge to write about it.

This submissive woman wrote about the true meaning of slave in her eyes. There are thousands of interpritations of the image of a “true slave” and to that person it is true. The way she views it though is by far the one that hit the closest to home.

In ancient times slaves came in all sizes, shapes and careers. They were warriors, gladiators, farmers and even samuri. A slave is a person that is not free, who is owned by another person. They were not the docile virgin girls that most seem to fantasize about. They are human beings with flaws and bad sides like everyone else.

Owning a human being is a very complex and hard journey but one I feel has just as many rewards to go with the hardships. Just because brat throws an attitude doesn’t mean I ship her off and replace her with a new model because at the end of the day she is human. Anyone that I replace her with will too be human and the same hurdles would show up.

If a slave feels like she has to hide a part of herself just because those traits are undesireable, how is she to truly feel owned. These times are when the true line of ownership forms and the true journey begins. When all of the preconseived notions leave her mind and she becomes who she really is within the service, that is when it gets good.

Some how I lost sight of that along the way and I would like to thank this woman for opening up my eyes once again. My perception became clouded and I lost sight with what truly mattered. And that isn’t all the perfect behavior or docile attitude from brat, but brat herself.

I have always wanted her to flourish within my ownership like I know she can. But with my judgement clouded how is she supposed to do that? She can’t. Some how I lost sight of that and now we can once again move forward.

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