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I got the strangest question sent to my fetlife inbox yesterday. I have a link to here on my profile and brats profile. They wish to be anonymous but I wanted to answer here.

They asked me why: brat doesn’t have her own blog/write on mine very often?

That would be because she prefers a paper journal over having her thoughts and feelings posted all over the interweb. Which is perfectly fine with me. Her slave journal is something that is private and between her and I. She writes her thoughts, fears and assignments on paper and I read them and comment on them.

If and when we decide she will transfer to an online journal she will have her own space. But until then it will be as it is.

On another note, the trip went very smoothly. We were gone for 12hrs which to some isn’t a lot of time but it did the trick of recharging the batteries. Brat was all wide eyed and fun to watch with everything new around here.

Time alone

Tomorrow I am taking brat out of town to do some desperately needed alone time. Our house is rather full with 2 other people living with us so we normally don’t get a lot of alone time.

But on top of that I have to dole out punishments accordingly for the last 3 days. She has to write an essay which you all will be privy to and her little tushie is going to be sore.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be quite interesting.

In other news I ordered a goodie bag from extreme restraints Friday. The new flogger, butt plugs and collars should be here by this Friday at the latest but I’m kinda hoping for Wednesday because brat doesn’t work till 5pm on Friday and I plan on testing the new toys out very thoroughly.

Its been too long since I’ve relished in the whimpers and moans of brat while accepting the pain I give her.

Way too long.

Life as she knows it..

Is about to end..

I am sorry for the absense once again. My life has become hectic once again. No matter how had I try somethings get away from me. Sadly, this is one of them. Its never intentional it just happens.

For the past couple of months brat has become more and more lax on the rules. And I’ve allowed it. Why? Perhaps because everything is so stressful right now. I’m taking CNA classes, she’s working a lot, we bought our house and are working on it. The cars had to be fixed especially mine that took a shit. I’ve had so much on my plate its rediculous! So the strictness also just kind of slipped away. Its quite difficult to juggle work, school, renovations and brats unrulley behaviour. But that’s no real excuse.

Was I hoping with everything going on she would see my stress level and lessen her misbehaviour? Absolutely. Did that happen? Not at all.

Is it time to get back to basics and give her a reason to behave? Once again absolutely.

So to do this I have created a Brat Counter on my phone. It will help me keep track of what hasn’t been done, what’s been neglected and the according punishments. Because of the hectic schedule I will be keeping track through out the week and punish accordingly on our days off; Mondays. Of course it will add up through the week. A part of me is hoping it adds up to the point of making her realize that “hey if I’m good throughout the week, I won’t hurt so bad on my only day off with Mistress.” If it doesn’t I guess I will go to the extremes…


What would you do if a close friend was making a very big mistake and they didn’t even realize the hazard?

A friend of mine is putting her marriage on the line. For discrete reasons let’s call her R. R has been married for only 1 year but with her husband for 3 years. Let’s call him O.

R is inside making out with someone that isn’t her husband. She says O is okay with it as long as he knows. But how okay can he be when we don’t even see the two together anymore? He’s always hulled up in the other room and R and her new flame are always cuddling in the living room where I’m suppose to sleep.

Sleep is a foreign concept in this house but one that is necessary to my survival. I have to be up in 3hrs to drive to a wedding that takes place a hr and a half from here. We all do. But its hard to sleep when R is practically fucking this guy on the couch.

I just can’t sit by quietly anymore. Even brat is having issues. Since this whole thing started the whole vibe of the house has changed. Its charged and completely ready to explode. Its only a matter of time.

In my eyes once you find your one, the person that makes your life worth living, you don’t need to go out and fuck someone else. It isn’t right to me. Ever since I’ve been with brat I haven’t even thought of another person like that. Sure, like any human I look at what’s out there. I am apreciative of the female form. It doesn’t mean I’d go out and screw them the next day.

It makes me wonder how okay O really is with all this. I have been told many times O and I are very similar which makes it even harder for me. I love him dearly like a brother and I love R as a sister. But I can’t help but feel she is going to loose everything over this and so will O. Not only will he loose his wife but his best friend, the guy R is fucking.

I need to figure out a faster way to move out. All this bad karma is going to hit and hit hard. I don’t want brat and me to be here when it does…


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I just saw the most profound writing on fetlife just now and had the urge to write about it.

This submissive woman wrote about the true meaning of slave in her eyes. There are thousands of interpritations of the image of a “true slave” and to that person it is true. The way she views it though is by far the one that hit the closest to home.

In ancient times slaves came in all sizes, shapes and careers. They were warriors, gladiators, farmers and even samuri. A slave is a person that is not free, who is owned by another person. They were not the docile virgin girls that most seem to fantasize about. They are human beings with flaws and bad sides like everyone else.

Owning a human being is a very complex and hard journey but one I feel has just as many rewards to go with the hardships. Just because brat throws an attitude doesn’t mean I ship her off and replace her with a new model because at the end of the day she is human. Anyone that I replace her with will too be human and the same hurdles would show up.

If a slave feels like she has to hide a part of herself just because those traits are undesireable, how is she to truly feel owned. These times are when the true line of ownership forms and the true journey begins. When all of the preconseived notions leave her mind and she becomes who she really is within the service, that is when it gets good.

Some how I lost sight of that along the way and I would like to thank this woman for opening up my eyes once again. My perception became clouded and I lost sight with what truly mattered. And that isn’t all the perfect behavior or docile attitude from brat, but brat herself.

I have always wanted her to flourish within my ownership like I know she can. But with my judgement clouded how is she supposed to do that? She can’t. Some how I lost sight of that and now we can once again move forward.

My version of a Sadist

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Sadist: Noun 1. A person who has the condition of sadism, in which one receives sexual gratification from causing pain and degradation to another.

As I stated in the page The Owner, I am a sadist. But that does not mean I fit the mold of every sadist out there. I love to give brat pain in all the right places to make her moan, whimper, cry or yell out in fear. However, I do not like humiliation or degradation. The closest thing I can come to either of those is reducing brat into a whimpering pool of flesh after a really good session. But at the end of the day I will always build her back up into that beautiful person I fell in love with.

On some occasions I will use her as a human table while she is in her meditation position. Or I might use her as a stand for the remote or controller to the TV or Console. It just depends on the day or situation. But I will never degrade her sense of being or self worth just for jollies. I’m not saying that the people that do like to humiliate their property are wrong or aren’t right in the head. If that is your kink great. However, that is not for me.

I am the type of sadist that knows their boundaries. I don’t like giving pain to just anyone for any reason. I know my limitations. Just because I am a sadist and you a masochist does not mean I will beat your ass because the whim strikes. I’d love to punch stupid people I run into in the face but it doesn’t mean I do it.

I have this thing called self control and common sense.

A good day

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Today was and still is a good day.

I was able to spend time with my mom and Grandma baking which is always a blast for me. My Grandma doesn’t get as involved as she used to but at her age I understand.

It wasn’t long after I got home that brat got off work. When we got inside I promptly decided to reward her good behavior with a nice beating. Her breasts and ass were reddened nicely. It had been too long since I was able to do that.

Right now we are hanging out with friends. Brat is in her world of music and doing her journal. And the boys are playing injustice.

I was browsing porn for a while but it was getting old. Its always the same position and the same tricks. My fap folder grows but my entertainment folds.

I want to take brat out back and beat her ass again but its way too cold for that here. So here I sit bored as fuck.


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